Creating a phpBB 3.0 template

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  • Copy an existing template file. e.g. prosilver.
  • Edit the 4 config files. Change the style name and the copyright in each:
    • styles/newstyle/style.cfg
    • styles/newstyle/imageset/imageset.cfg
    • styles/newstyle/template/template.cfg
    • styles/newstyle/theme/theme.cfg
  • Upload the copied style to the styles directory.
  • It should show up on the admin >> styles panel.
  • Install it.

Refreshing Styles

As you make them, to see style changes go to

 Admin control panel -> general tab -> server configuration -> load settings

Set "Recompile stale style components:" to "yes" Then go to

 Admin control panel -> styles -> style components

Refresh the component you have changed.

Changing the template

To add additional html, edit the appropriate template file. The most likely one to change is:


The templating system uses IF tests in html comments to determione when to include html. To add header text that is displayed for users who are not logged in:

      <!-- IF not S_USER_LOGGED_IN -->
        <div id="infoBanner">
          <p>You can <strong><a href="">post messages without logging in</a>.</strong>
             Try it: <strong><a href="">Start a new topic</a></strong>
             or <strong><a href="">ask a question</a></strong> and we'll try to answer it.</p>
          <p>If you choose to register, you can edit your messages, create a profile and set your preferences. 
             Registering, is easy: <strong><a href="">Register for the Our Mexico Forums</a></strong>.</p>
          <p>If you'd like to start a new forum, <strong><a href="">contact us</a></strong>.</p>
      <!-- ENDIF -->