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There are three things to download and install:

  • Google Calendar Joomla Component

Not sure I needed this one.

  • Google Calendar Joomla Module

This will let you manage the calendar as a module, placing it anywhere on the page.

  • Release 1.5.0

This only works if your calendar is fully public -- I couldn't get it to work.

Configuring Google Calendar

  • You can simple point a menu item to the module, but you will have no the text on the page.

I did the following:

  • Create an article, named, e.g. Calendar.
  • Add the text you want on that page.
  • Create a menu item pointing to that page as single article
  • Use the module manager to set up your calendar,
    • Add the appropriate URL.
    • Use the menu Assignment box to assign the calendar module to the article.