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While I don't actually bill a lot, I do occasionally. For several years, I've managed to get by with an access-based system that I put together over a few weekends. I've long since forgotten everything that I knew about visual basic, which wasn't much, so modifications aren't something I want to do.

I've just installed phpBMS on my laptop. It was trivial -- the usual, download, create a database, run the installer and follow the instructions. It's fairly product oriented -- with options for shipping, inventory, etc. It does have a recurring invoice module, which I loaded. Will give it a whirl and see how it works.

Their web site is:

  • Set up a web directory
  • Download the files from subversion into your web directory, e.g. an htdocs subdirectory:
 svn co htdocs
  • Create a mySQL data base and user
  • Point your browser at:
 [web directory]/install/install.php
  • When prompted, edit defaultsettings.php and save it as settings.php
  • Select the modules to install -- I chose both
  • Remove the install directory
  • Make sure your .htaccess file includes:
 RedirectMatch 403 /\.svn.*$
  • Changes the perms on settings.php to make it read only by php.
 chmod 440
  • Login as admin and change your password
  • Create a new user with appropriate privileges.
  • Configure for your company
 Select System >> Configuration