Migrating from Joomla 1.5 to 1.6

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Just notes at this point

I've done one so far.

  1. Create a new "stage site" to work with. Leave the old one as it is, for now.
    1. Dump existing data base
    2. Create a new one and copy dumped db to it
    3. Create a new stage-site directory
    4. Copy existing files to it: cp -a current-dir new-dir/
    5. Point a new dns at it e.g. stage.site-name.com
  2. Run the joomal upgrade script
    1. Download and install joomla upgrade plugin on stage site
    2. Run it -- it required several restarts
      1. it creates a new subdirectory, called jupgrade and puts the new site in it.
      2. it adds a new set of tables with the prefix j16_
    3. Browse the upgraded site: stage.site-name-com/jupgrade
  3. Test the upgraded site
  4. The following needed to be done after the script ran
    1. Recreate and upload my custom template -- it was not registered in the upgraded site
      1. Register menu module with the template
      2. Removed default suffix to get styles to work
    2. All subdirectories under images were missing. Upload them using ftp
    3. Featured links uses mod_banners, Was missing clients. Added them
    4. Custome plugins, e.g. EmbedLinks was not working. Edited it and re-uploaded.
    5. Mosmaps was not working.
      1. Download and install the new joomla 1.6 one
    6. google calendar module not working
      1. Futzed for a while with gcalendar -- would not update and very complicated
      2. Installed Flexi custom code and used it as a wrapper for my Our Mexico Calendar -- too easy.
    7. Fix plugins
      1. There's a sample plugin in the upgrade that can be used as a template
  5. Separate the the 1.6 site
    1. Create a new stage subdirectory e.g. stage2.sitename.com
    2. Set the stage.site-name.com to use the new directory
    3. Create a new data base, or backup the existing one.
      1. Dump the existing one
      2. Upload it to the new one
  6. Check for any special files needed - i put a .htaccess in the amdin directory for added security.
    1. Move or add any of these
  7. Tweak the bluestork template.css
    1. Add a no-repeat to the #system-message dd.message, dd.error, dd.warning ul, dd.notice ul so I could read the messages.
  8. Install a new analytics module
    1. Used J!analytics from: http://www.tedesco.net.au/downloads/category/4-modules
    2. Edit the old template to add a module location in the header.