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Start with a Site outline, or Information Architecture

Most of the top level menu items will lead to sections. I add each, using the descriptions from the outline or IA for notes about what it will include. This creates a live site outline that can be tried out right way -- even if there is no content.

Some of the items will best be done as a single page, "an article" in Joomla terms. For example a static contact page that lsits the orgainizations name, address phone number and a few other key items. Create an article for each of these. Either create a special category, or put them in "uncategorized".

By convention, I name each section with the name I plan to use in the menu.

Add the Main Menu Items


 Menus >> Main Menu
  • Unpublish all the Joomla Items except "Home".
  • Add a menu item for each section.
    • Make "Top" the parent (the default choice)
    • Choose an entry type. Section/Blog will layout the items as blocks of text, with "read more" links.
    • Check 'Show Description" (Under parameters - Basic). We are using these as notes and weant to see them.
    • Add a page title for each. (Under Parameters - System)

Remove all of the Joomla default content

  • Remove the articles
    • Send to the trash
    • Open the trash page and delete them all
 Content >> Article Trash
  • Remove the categories
  • Remove the sections

Add selected articles

The early ones are likely to be static content. Under "Advanced parameters", hide irrelevant data such as Author, Creation and Modification dates.