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Importing a new project

To import a project as a directory and have it show up under a repository with name <svn name>:

$ svn import <path-to-project-dir> http://<subversion url>/webworks/<svn name> -m"Import comment"

Then check it out so you actually have a subversion-enabled copy:

$ svn co http://<subversion url>/webworks/<svn name> <path to local directory>


  • On import, the <path-to-project-directory> will NOT be included in the import. The files it contains will appear under the <svn name>.
  • On checkout, the files under <svn name> will be checked out into the <path to local directory>


$ svn import -m"Initial import."

Will create a new subversion path named MySite under the repository webworks. It will include all files in the directory

$ svn co

Will check out the entire contents of the imported directory and put all files under the local directory