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Ubuntu Linux

My home server, running Win2K, failed to reboot after it's last update. The problem turned out to be a bad disk. I decided to abandon Windows and go with Linux. Most of my experience has been with Red Hat, but a friend had praised Ubuntu, so I decided to give it a try. I wanted:

  1. A file server with enough capacity to handle our household -- two people who do a medium amount of photo work, a lot of office work, no music and an occasional video.
  2. Accessibility from outside
  3. A web server running Apache, php and mySQL
  4. Immunity from power failure -- orderly shutdown and restart
  • Dynamic DNS My home ISP is RCN. They occasionally change my IP address. If that happens when I'm gone, I can't get in to my server. Dynamic DNS lets me get to it even if they change it.
  • Updating Ubuntu

Setting Up Remote Backup

PHP Eclipse

First look is great. Maybe I'll give up Homesite.

Media Wiki

GNU General Public License

Information on how to use these for site software is at:


phpBB 3.0




Dreamhost Private Server (PS)

Emacs Lisp

Misc Notes

Wiki Resources