Upgrading WordPress

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Backup the current data base

Use your favorite tool. I like Navicat for MySQL.

Deactivate all plugins on the temporary site

From the wordpress admin menu.

Make a copy of the current directory

  • Use cp -a (copy as archive) to get all files correctly copied.
 >cp -a currentdir newdir
  • For example
 >cp -a v2.alstevens.org/ v3.alstevens.org

Set up the copied files as a temporary site

  • Point a temporary url at the copied directory e.g. temp.alstevens.org or some such.

Upgrade the copied site

  • Download the latest Wordpress
  • Follow their instructions and copy the downloaded files over the copied directory
  • If necessary, hand edit

Point the live domain to the copied and upgraded site

  • Visit the admin page and update the data base
  • Reactivate the plugins -- upgrading any as needed